When you take over responsibiliy for your new property, please complete the below form so we can create your account. Please complete this on the day you take ownership so we can bill you correctly.

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Before entering your personal details, we need to inform you that Independent Water Networks reserves the right to identify and credit check all new customers. In doing so, we will at all times use best practice and conform to UK law.

Independent Water Networks is part of the BUUK Infrastructure group of companies.

Independent Water Networks collects and records personal information which you supply to us for training and other purposes. We may share this information with other companies within the BUUK Infrastructure Group e.g. for the provision of a service and customer account management. We may also share information with credit reference or fraud prevention agencies. For more information about how we use and maintain the security of your data, please refer to our privacy policy.

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Independent Water Networks will use the contact details you have provided to us to contact you when necessary regarding important information relating to your water supply, account or terms of contract.

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Doorstep password service

Bogus callers often pretend to be from your water, gas or telephone company to gain entry into your home under false pretences.

To discourage this, we operate a doorstep password scheme which is free and open to all our customers.

Once you have set up a password, any engineer from IWNL will need to quote this, so you have peace of mind when letting someone into your home.

If you require the doorstep password scheme, please enter a password of between 6 and 30 characters.

We may have to pass this information on to a third party company. You can opt out at any time by logging in to your online account.

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Terms & conditions

Please note that when you submit your registration, you confirm that the information you provide is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You agree to take responsibility for omissions regarding your failure to provide accurate information.

Please confirm that by placing an order with Independent Water Networks, you understand that you are entering into a contract with binding legal obligations. By accepting the terms and conditions, you are confirming that you are the owner or the current occupier of the home.